Doing What God Says

At the beginning of the year I recommended reading through the whole Bible in a year and suggested the Robert Murray McCheyne Bible-reading plan: ( If you started it, I hope you’re persevering; if you haven’t, well, it’s not too late to start. Daily Bible-reading is extraordinarily helpful. Killy and I have kept to [...]

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Signs of the Times?

‘One swallow does not make a summer’ goes the saying and I interpret it to mean that you should not turn a single incident into a sign of a trend. However, when two similar incidents follow in rapid succession, even the cautious observer is entitled to suspect that something is up. And in the [...]

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Resolve to read the Bible

Whatever New Year’s resolutions you make, please make one to read the Bible. And not in some selective way of only reading the ‘greatest hits’ passages, but of seriously going through the whole Bible. It will be an effort but let me give you three encouragements. First, the Bible is a living book. Unlike any other [...]

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