The shelves are stacked with glossy prints of smiling, radiant, bronzed and bikini-clad models, flightily skipping along yellow sandy beaches with perfectly styled ‘tousled hair’ flowing. One might strain hopefully for even a glimpse of any background figures resembling your average ‘Brit on holiday’, but sadly be disappointed. There are no red, shiny faces or [...]

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Disconnect This Summer

If you are looking forward to your summer holidays, let me suggest that you try to digitally disconnect while you’re away. Plan to drastically cut your engagement with social media, email and the web. There are growing concerns about how dependent we are becoming on social media, the use of email and constant web browsing. [...]

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Not Kids Play

Answering children's questions about God One of the most endearing and exhausting features of children is their questions. You know the sort of thing: ‘Why do I have two eyes if I only see one thing?’ or ‘Why don’t you have enough hair?’ This curiosity is natural and good; after all, we read that [...]

The Light of the World

Holman Hunt’s painting The Light of the World inspired me in my journey of faith when I first saw it as a student in London in 1975 and continues to inspire me today. I frequently give those making a decision to follow Christ at our meetings a postcard of the painting. Holman Hunt (1827–1910) was a [...]

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Doing What God Says

At the beginning of the year I recommended reading through the whole Bible in a year and suggested the Robert Murray McCheyne Bible-reading plan: ( If you started it, I hope you’re persevering; if you haven’t, well, it’s not too late to start. Daily Bible-reading is extraordinarily helpful. Killy and I have kept to [...]

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God and Political Change

In the last few days I have found myself pondering this verse in the book of Proverbs: ‘When there is moral rot within a nation, its government topples easily. But wise and knowledgeable leaders bring stability’ (Proverbs 28:2 nlt). It seemed particularly striking in the context of the political turmoil currently engulfing Britain and [...]

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