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Signs of the Times?

‘One swallow does not make a summer’ goes the saying and I interpret it to mean that you should not turn a single incident into a sign of a trend. However, when two similar incidents follow in rapid succession, even the cautious observer is entitled to suspect that something is up. And in the [...]

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I want to promote cheerfulness; an approach to life simply defined as being happy, often under difficult circumstances. The cheerful person is capable of recognising the gravity of a situation but smiling nevertheless. In any ranking of virtues, cheerfulness comes below such things as faith, hope and love. Nevertheless, for all its modest ranking [...]

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A Jesus for Today

It was the Ukrainian version that did it. I knew that The Life: A Portrait of Jesus had gone through many print runs and spread around the world, but seeing a photograph of a translation from somewhere north of the Black Sea made me think that it was perhaps time to revisit it. The Life, [...]

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Why Keep Lent?

The church’s calendar is marked by short festivals that are celebrated with joy, yet Lent is a period – a ‘season’ – of the forty days before Easter which is very much in a minor key. Lent is never celebrated but only ‘kept’ and is not so much marked by what we do but [...]

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