About Us

Hi, I’m J.John.

I am a minister and speaker and teach what Christianity is about.

I became a follower of Jesus on 9th February 1975 and since then I have made it my life’s purpose to tell as many people as I can about the difference encountering Jesus can make to our lives.

I have been married to Killy for 38 years and I am a father and a grandfather.

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Philo Trust

Philo Trust was established by J.John in 1982 to work in four key areas:

1) Organising evangelistic events and projects.

2) Equipping Christians to naturally share their faith.

3) Mentoring evangelists.

4) Producing books and resources to help people in their journey of faith.

What We Do

Speaking and Events

I have been speaking about the relevance of Christianity since 1975. Throughout the year I speak at events in the UK and around the world.

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Books & Resources

I have written a number of books which I hope will help people understand more about what the Christian faith is about.

If you want to know more about Jesus and who he claimed to be, I recommend a book I wrote with my friend Dr Chris Walley called Jesus Christ – The Truth.

In recent years, I have enjoyed writing a new series of children’s books and surprisingly, we have found that even adults have loved books like That’s a Good Question!

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I have a weekly TV programme on GOD TV called J.John on Sundays. You can watch it at 10.30am or 5pm every Sunday on GOD TV. Alternatively, you can catch up on my Facebook page or YouTube channel at 7pm.

We produce 2 weekly podcasts: The J.John Podcast and Heroes of the Faith: with J.John and Killy. You can find both on all the usual podcast platforms.

The J.John Podcast.

Heroes of the Faith Podcast.


Over three decades we have had the privilege of supporting and partnering with many individuals and ministries. We currently have 21 associates who work to transform lives through their unique ministry.

Our associates.

Evangelists’ Conference

Every year we gather those called to do the work of the evangelist. We have been gathering evangelists for years to meet, talk, pray and hear from inspirational speakers. The annual conference is an opportunity to leave with a fresh sense of calling for the year ahead.

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